Monday, January 4, 2010

"The Lady in Red"

On a typically stunning Palm Springs day in October 2009, the"Casual Concourse" Classic Car Show was hosted by the local chapter of the Great Autos of Yesteryear. I accepted an invitation to photograph the cars as they were arriving and before the crowds gathered.

The Lady here is perfectly coiffed for her long day in the sun. In this photo I wanted to tease with her image while also showing the beauty of this classic Continental convertible.
I used a tripod to make this image so that I could carefully place all the elements. I sought to extend the image beyond that of a 'snapshot' of a car by deliberately creating some dynamic tension through such choices as the angle of the car, the inclusion of only one complete (and amazingly shaped) headlamp, the gleaming sunspots on the metal (which you can't see in this tiny screenshot), the reflection of the dried golf course grass in the smooth, shiny bumper, the palm tree 'driver,' and even the light wispy clouds in the upper left corner of the image, breaking up the otherwise perfect sky.
I love the small spot of red (from her hat) peeking out over the windshield. For me it adds a finishing touch to the image (like a cherry on top of a sundae).
I tried to create a pleasing, yet almost surreal image, one that might even enable the viewer to feel the crispness of the air on this lovely day even as it was wasted on this particular passenger.
How does this image resonate with you?

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