Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Palm Springs, View from the Mountain I"

I captured this image from the Albert Frey House, the Palm Springs Modern icon, up on the mountain above Palm Springs. I'd been shooting the famous Burgess House just below there on special assignment, and I was struck by the late afternoon sky, which was filled with layers of beautiful clouds. The sun was still shining brightly but just ready to pop down behind the mountains darkening our town prematurely (because sunset was really still hours away).

I had to work quickly because the foreground was already dark in places so I set up my tripod, and used several lenses to shoot panoramic scenes like this one, planning some day to stitch several together to create a long narrow panorama of the entire view. This one overlooks the southern portion of Palm Springs and beyond to the other desert cities.


  1. Gary I love to hear the background on the photos. Keep taking those terrific pictures!!!

  2. Thanks, Michael. I appreciate your compliment.

    And, I'll keep ever vigilant in my efforts to create, as you say, 'terrific' photos.