Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting This Blog in the Middle of the Night

A new decade has just begun, and it's the middle of the night. It seems like a good time, kind of an intimate time really, to begin my blog, as I know this time well.

Many people tend to work, relax, go to bed and sleep, and get up and start that process over. Being an entreprenuer and a creator of things most of my adult life has led me to develop a somewhat different pattern. My sleep gets interrupted by creative impulses.

I tend to use my middle-of-the-nights to read and write and make lists and even get ready to go out and be ready to photograph when the light comes up.

As for this blog, I'm really not quite sure what I'm going to do with it. It's a new experience for me. It does seem like a natural activity for me since I'm a fairly verbal person as well as visual.

It occurs to me that while a photograph is commonly said to be worth a thousand words, there is still a place for words, even in conjunction with a photograph.

That's why so often at Imageville (my Palm Springs gallery) I find that people looking at my work want to know more.

Over time this blog will give me a forum for telling more about my images. For those who want to know.

As I begin, I'm aware that there's an artistic side of me that wants to write rather crudely. With less than perfect grammar and with a stream-of-consciousness format. And there's a businessman part that wants to be more professional and proper, more politically and grammatically correct.

In a way I face this same dichotomy as I select which photographs to show at Imageville and on my Facebook Fan Page and on my website. I do need to sell my work so I try to show pieces that might have broad appeal, and I also like to show work that may never sell even though I feel compelled to have it be seen. So I do both.

And so I'll do both here, I guess. I'll straddle the artistic/commercial divide. I'll write intimately and without much attention to perfection, but I'll try to provide some thoughts about my work that some friends, customers, fans may find interesting.

Thanks for reading this first ramble. I look forward to hearing from you too. In the middle of your nights, over your early morning coffee, or whenever your writing moments come.

Warm regards,